10 Tips For Creating a Cosy Home

After a summer spent outdoors, there’s something delightful about the winter months that gives us the freedom to stay indoors, get cosy, and spend time with our loved ones. Give your home a winter makeover and make the most out of your hibernation. Once you’re done, you’ll find it hard to leave. Here are ten tips for creating a cosy home.

1. Complementary colours

The paint or wallpaper you choose will set the tone for the atmosphere you wish to create. Think warm shades of red, oranges and deep purples. If dark colours aren’t your style, keep it minimal and play with accented colours for upholstery and furniture.

Magnolia walls could be the canvas for a room full of plush earth-toned pillows and dark wood bookcases, filled with classic hardback novels.

2. Picture perfect

If you’re a lover of art, look out for pieces that make you feel at ease and relax your mind in the living room. If art isn’t your forte, print photographs of your family and slot them into ornate frames. What makes you feel cosier than the beaming faces of your loved ones?

3. Create a corner

Your home should represent your unique style and personality. Design a handmade corner perfect for celebrating your personal interests. Create original chairs that you can sink into. Put your feet up on a decorative footstool, and do whatever makes you happy. A glass of red wine and a piece of chocolate after a hard day’s work could be a simple remedy to the winter blues.

4. Make an entrance

When venturing outside, you’re in a battle with the elements. No doubt you’ll be caught out in the rain, wind and snow. The entrance to your home should be the polar opposite of the harsh outdoors.

Construct a dedicated space, which will give you easy access to dispose of your shoes and coat. As you step foot through the front door, pop your tootsies into some wool slippers. You’ll feel so welcome when you arrive home, you’ll forget about the stress of the day.

5. Fancy fragrance

Our sense of smell is a powerful reminder of happy memories through the years. There are so many different ways to create a gorgeous smelling house, such as room sprays, reed diffusers, air fresheners and incense. Think cinnamon, nutmeg, orange and cranberry lovingly making its way through your home.

6. Accessories

Equip your home with cost-effective ways of keeping warm. It’s easy to reach for the central heating, but save yourself a bit of money and buy hot water bottles with cashmere covers for the whole family. Have to hand oversized house sweaters or soft blankets and throws. Huddle underneath with a hot chocolate and a feel-good family movie.

7. Mood lighting

Lighting is an important part of creating the right balance of atmosphere in the home. Buy some lamps for corner tables or perhaps install dimmers on light fixtures. This way, you’re in total control.

8. Wave goodbye to draughts

Draughts in your home waste energy and money. Research DIY sealing solutions or replace windows or doors that are faulty. A trip to the hardware store may do the trick, or you can hire a professional. This is especially important if you don’t have double glazing or insulation.

9. Cosy candles

Candles are a cheap way of creating gentle lighting and a lovely smell at the same time. You can buy cheaper candles in supermarkets or speciality candles from luxury brands, depending on your budget. Small candles can sit on shelves while larger statement candles could be a nice centrepiece on a glass coffee table.

10. Gather around the fireplace

Nothing says cosy like a roaring fireplace. There are so many options when it comes to installation and design for all budget limitations. A feature wall may benefit from a log burner or electric fireplace to give your living room the look and feel you want.

There are so many ways to create a beautiful, cosy environment. For the bespoke touch, consider Willow Bank’s expert joinery services. We can carefully craft fully customised items, from furniture and fittings to room renovations, ensuring your home looks and feels just the way you want it to. Your house should help you feel relaxed. When the winter is getting you down, let your home lift your spirits and warm your heart.

To talk to us about bringing your home to life this winter, call Willow Bank on 01280 821 002 or contact us here, and one of our team will get back to you to discuss your personal needs.

by | Nov 25, 2015 | Design, Interior Design