Stop the waste – switch to Quooker

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 10.47.20You may have seen reports recently in the press, like this one from The Daily Mail, which confirmed what we always feared – that, as a nation, we are wasting huge amounts of water and energy by overfilling kettles – which is just one reason why we would always recommend a Quooker over a kettle.

A new study, published by Strathclyde University in Glasgow, examined how householders used their kettles over an 18-month period. It found that nine out of every ten families needlessly add to their electricity costs, by filling the kettle with more water than was needed and then re-boiling it. This wastes an average of £5.39 per household per year, with some households wasting as much as £18 per year. Across all 27 million households in the UK this makes a total bill of £145.4 million. The study says that this has a clear impact on electrical demand and regional carbon footprint.

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 10.47.12Installing a Quooker instead of using a kettle reduces energy and water wastage, because the Quooker only ever dispenses the exact amount of 100°C boiling water that you need, precisely when you need it; there is no water wastage and only minimal energy is used to keep boiling water available on demand.

As well as this, using a Quooker saves you time – the equivalent of up to four days each year which would otherwise be spent waiting for the kettle to boil. The Quooker also avoids the trap of re-boiling the same amount of water again if you get distracted and allow the kettle to cool without making that cuppa you wanted. The water – and therefore your tea or coffee – also tastes better, as the surgical quality steel tank preserves its purity.

If you also add a Quooker COMBI system, you never need to use hot water from your domestic supply for washing up again, you can enjoy hot, cold and boiling water in your kitchen all from a single cold water supply, saving gallons of water and significant amounts of energy each year too.

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 10.47.03

. All the more reason to install a Quooker and ditch the kettle – as if its great looks, even greater safety and undeniable convenience were not enough to convince you! Ends.

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